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The Poultry Schedule for the Huon Show includes competitions for Large Fowl, Bantam Fowl, Water Fowl and Pigeons.

Entry Information
The Schedule can be downloaded via the link Poultry Schedule 2023. The entry forms are located within the Schedule.

Entries close on the 31 October 2023.

For further information or to have any questions answered please use the Enquiry Form and you will be contacted ASAP by a member of the team.

Judging will commence at 9.00am.

Unloading of Animals
Entry is via Charlotte Street, Ranelagh. Space is limited so please unload and leave as quickly as you can for the benefit of other exhibitors. Once unloaded, drive further up Charlotte Street and a steward will direct you to the exhibitor parking.

Presentations & Prize Money
PRESENTATION: Presentation of Champion sashes and trophies will be given at time of judging.
PRIZE MONEY: Any prize money is to be collected from the Secretary’s Office.