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2017 Show Results

How pleasing it was to see such a large crowd support the 71st Huon Show.  Despite clashing with the Christmas Pageant and the Bothwell Bushfest, Show patrons turned out in force in very hot conditions to attend the 71st Huon Show.  With concern expressed in regard to the demise and falling attendance of some Agricultural Shows, the Huon Agricultural Society Inc. was pleased to see the support of Show patrons which makes the effort of producing such a large event worthwhile.

Many favourable comments were received during the day on the Show – from both Show patrons and from the machinery, food stalls and other exhibitors.  Congratulations must go to the machinery firms for their support.  This support from all stall holders and exhibitors contribute to making the Huon Show a truly agricultural experience.  One that the Show is renowned for.

David Frankcomb in his role as Ringmaster, ably controlled the arena and positioning of the entertainment.   Entertainment was well received with the Tassal marquee holding children’s entertainment including Scallywags, Puppet Show, Magician and on the arena – were the Girl Guides providing free games for any one wishing to join in, snake handling, ferrets and two giant chefs as stilt walkers – all providing free entertainment for children provided by the Show Society and entertainment sponsor, Tassal.

Day Star Duo provided relaxing music and across the arena on Stage 2, Sundown Band and two new bands – Goodfellas and Blues Underground entertained.  The Vintage Car Club, Fly Ball and Sled Dogs were all on show and were received with the dog high jump being still the biggest watched event at the Show.  The Ute Competition also provided a spectacle on the arena.  The Committee prides itself on the amount of free entertainment offered to Show patrons and this year was no exception.  With Showjumping and draught horses, the arena was the centre of attraction for the day.

Cattle Sections were well represented by Jordan River Learning, Neville Fenton and Anita Dixon  The Geard and the Direen Families exhibited in the Dairy Section. Good entries were received in the Alpaca, sheep, cavy and poultry sections.  Commercial Cattle and Sheep entries were on a par with other years.  The equestrian section ran smoothly with showjumping a highlight on the arena.  The Animal Nursery conducted by Kingborough-Huon Rural Youth was busy all day.  Good entries were received in the horticultural, handcrafts, cooking and school exhibits.

Remember – if you would like to be part of the organising Committee of this great event or think you may be able to assist in any area of the Show, please do not hesitate to contact the Society – PO Box 101, Huonville, 7109.  A number of new volunteers assisted with the Show this year and without the number of volunteers assisting the Show could not go ahead.  A big thank you is extended to these special people.

Work will now begin for 2018 and hopefully, we will continue to receive the support from our many valued sponsors – without whom this Show could not be conducted.

Marion Woodward

Commercial Exhibits

Best Large Commercial Exhibit:    Stihl Shop – Huonville
Runner Up Large Commercial Exhibit:   Southern Machinery

Best Small Commercial Exhibit:    Fantastic Fuschias
Runner Up Small Commercial Exhibit:   Lyn’s Crafts

Alpaca Fleece Results

Suri Fleece
Supreme Champion – Woodward Farm Petrina, Pandda Lodge Alpacas
Reserve Champion – Lowanna Taeishi – Pandda Lodge Alpacas

Skirted Fleece 6 to under 18 months, White – Pandda Lodge Calypso
Skirted Fleece 6 to under 30 months, Light Fawn -Woodward Farm Petrina
Skirted Fleece 6 to under 30 months, Medium to Dark Fawn-Lowanna Tadeishi
Skirted Fleece 6 to under 30 months, Brown – Stevley Park Long Kiss Goodnight
Skirted Fleece 30 months and over, White – Tarahill Hugh
Skirted Fleece 30 months and over, Medium to Dark Fawn – Mount Roland Jarusha
Skirted Fleece 30 months and over, Grey – Canchones Grey Prada
Skirted Fleece 30 months and over, Black  – Lowanna Prymo

Huacaya Fleece
Skirted Fleece 6 to under 12 months, White
1st Quamby Park Sir Edward
2nd Beauchamp Daphne
3rd Mossvale Jacqueline

Skirted Fleece 6 to under 12 months, Medium to Dark Fawn
1st Streaky Bay Apricot Ice
2nd Streaky Bay Aurora
3rd Toffemont Honeycomb

Skirted Fleece 6 to under 12 months, Brown
1st Mossvale Galadrie
2nd Toffeemont Kisses
3rd Toffemont Kit Kat

Skirted Fleece 6 to under 12 months, Grey – Light, Dark
2nd Leanna Callarny

Skirted Fleece 12 to under 18 months, Black
1st Leaenna Madeline

Skirted Fleece 18 to under 30 months, Light Fawn
1st Beauchamp Jane
2nd Toffeemont Biscotti
3rd Beauchamp Eliza

Skirted Fleece 18 to under 30 months, Medium Dark
1st Chiffon Mr Peabody
2nd Toffeemont Lindt
3rd Chiffon Artemis

Skirted Fleece 18 to under 30 months, Brown
1st Toffeemont Columbine
2nd Toffeemont Eclair
3rd Streaky Bay Betty

Skirted Fleece 18 to under 30 months, Grey – Light Dark
1st Chiffon Mercury

Skirted Fleece 18 to under 30 months, Black
1st Wharncliffe Primula

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, White
1st Ambersun Reputation
2nd Mossvale Highland Mist
3rd Chiffon Solomon

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Light Fawn
1st Beachamp Arabella

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Fawn – Medium Dark
1st Chiffon Sir Titus
2nd Nangkita Legette

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Brown, Light, Medium Dark
1st Chiffon Cinnamon
2nd Softfoot Mavek MD

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Roan
1st Toffeemont Truffles

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Grey – Light Dark
1st Leaenna Loui Vuitton
2nd Chiffon Rhinestone

Skirted Fleece 30 to under 48 months, Black
1st Canchones Urban Maestro
2nd Canchones Quizra
3rd Wharncliffe Vanya

Skirted Fleece 48+ months, White
1st Mossvale Bonjour

Skirted Fleece 48+ months, Brown
2nd Toffeemont Chico

Skirted Fleece 60 months+, Black
1st Mossvale Bethany

Alpaca Halter Results

Suri Halter Class

Champion 6-12 month Female – Pandda Lodge Minerva
Reserve Champion 6-12 month Female – Pandda Lodge Maia
Reserve Champion 6-12 month Male – Caralee Nero

Champion Adult Male – Pandda Lodge Frey

Champion Senior Female – Woodward Farm Petrina
Reserve Champion Senior Female – Lowanna Pyxie
Champion Senior Male – Lowanna Tadeishi
Reserve Champion Senior Male – Lowanna Prymo

Suri Junior Female 6-12month – White
1st Pandda Lodge Minerva
2nd Pandda Lodge Maia

Suri Junior Male – 6-12 months White
1st Caralee Nero

Suri Junior Male – 6-12 month Medium/Dark Fawn
1st Pandda Lodge Marcellus

Suri Adult Male – Medium/Dark Fawn
1st Pandda Lodge Frey

Suri Senior Female – Light Fawn
1st Woodward Farm Petrina

Suri Senior Female – Fancy
Lowanna Pyxie

Suri Senior Male – Medium/Dark Fawn
Lowanna Tadeishi

Suri Senior Male – Brown
1st Suriene Phantom

Suri Senior Male – Black
1st Lowanna Prymo

Huacay Halter Class
Huacay Supreme Champion – Streaky Bay Glenn

Champion Junior Female – Toffeemont Apricot Delight
Reserve Champion Junior Female – Mossvale Scarlett
Champion Junior Male – Streaky Bay Glenn
Reserve Champion Junior Male – Mossvale Jamieson

Champion Adult Female – Streaky Bay Sarah
Reserve Champion Adult Female – Leaenna Madelaine
Champion Adult Male – Quamby Park Sir Edward
Reserve Champion Adult Male – Wharncliffe Sirius

Champion Senior Female – Mossvale Eleanor
Reserve Champion Senior Female – Toffeemont Truffles
Champion Senior Male – Canchones Soprano
Reserve Champion Senior Male – Mossvale Rodric

Champion Mature – Ambersun Reputation
Reserve Champion Mature Male – Softfoot Doonan CB

Huacaya Junior Female – Light Fawn
1st Mossvale Scarlett
2nd Leaenna Maretta

Huacaya Junior Female – Medium/Dark Fawn
1st Toffeemont Apricot Delight

Huacaya Junior Female – Grey
1st Leaenna LV Slipstream

Huacaya Junior Male – White
1st Mossvale Mistletoe
2nd Mossvale Jamieson

Huacaya Junior Male – Medium/Dark Fawn
1st Streaky Bay Glenn
2nd Mossvale Muga

Huacaya Junior Male – Grey
1st Leaenna LV King Louis
2nd Leaenna SS Phantom Black

Huacaya Junior Male – Black
1st Mossvale Flynn
2nd Mossvale Ronnie

Huacaya Adult Female – Medium/Dark Fawn
1st Streaky Bay Sarah
2nd Toffeemont Honeycomb
3rd Streaky Bay Apricot Ice

Huacaya Adult Female – Brown
1st Toffeemont Kisses

Huacaya Adult Female – Black
1st Leaenna Madelaine
2nd Canchones Quinine
3rd Wharncliffe Evdokia

Huacaya Adult Male – White
1st Quamby Park Sir Edward
2nd Delfryn Sivan
3rd Delfryn Sook

Huacaya Adult Male – Light Fawn
1st Quamby Park Nelson

Huacaya Adult Male – Roan
1st Leaenna Hugo Boss

Huacaya Adult Male – Black
1st Wharncliffe Sirius
2nd Wharncliffe Mikhail

Huacaya Senior Female – White
1st Mossvale Eleanor

Huacaya Senior Female – Roan
1st Toffemont Truffles

Huacaya Senior Male – White
1st Mossvale Rodric
2nd Beauchamp Bronson

Huacaya Senior Male – Medium/Dark Fawn
2nd Toffeemont Columbine
3rd Toffeemont Lindt

Huacaya Senior Male – Brown
2nd Toffemont Fererro

Huacaya Senior Male – Grey
1st Chiffon Mercury
2nd Chiffon Rhinestone

Huacaya Senior Male – Black
1st Canchones Soprano

Huacaya Mature Male – White
1st Ambersun Reputation
2nd Softfoot Doonan CB

Huacaya Mature Male – Brown
2nd Softfoot Mavek MD
3rd Toffeemont Chico

Huacaya Mature Male – Black
1st Canchones Urban Maestro

Huacaya Adult Wether
1st Mossvale Hilton

Sires Progeny
1st Farmridge Valero
2nd Serena Elite That’s My Rhett
3rd Bywong Mercury


Huon Show Ambassador – Kirilee Beveridge
Runner Up – Tobias TenBensel

Huon Teen– Junior Ambassador (13 – 18 years) – Rebecca Griffin
Runner Up – Daniel Jensen

Huon Junior – (8-12 years) –Ellie Coiad
Runner Up – Tyler Roach

Huon Junior – (4-7 years) –Jacob Roach
Runner Up – Adele Woodward

Huon Tiny Tot – (18 months – 3 years) – Elsie Woodward
Runner Up – Lachlan Gasprin

Commercial Cattle

Champion Fat Steer: J. Kessarios
Reserve Champion Fat Steer: Tangara Nursery

Dairy Cattle 

Junior Champion Dairy Bull: The Geard Family

Senior Champion Dairy Bull: The Geard Family

Grand Champion Dairy Bull: The Geard Family

Junior Champion Dairy Heifer: The Geard Family

Senior Champion Dairy Female: The Geard Family

Grand Champion  Female: The Geard Family

Best Group: The Geard Family

Successful Dairy Exhibitor: The Geard Family

Calf Rearing

1st Place: Tilly Lamb
2nd Place: Molly North
3rd Place: Maddie Lamb

Dairy Junior Handler

1st Place: Joel Millhouse
2nd Place: Anna North
3rd Place: Isobel Geard

Beef Cattle

Junior Champion Interbreed Bull:     Anita Dixon
Junior Champion Interbreed Heifer   Neville Fenton
Senior Champion Interbreed Beef Female: Anita Dixon
Senior Champion Interbreed Female: Anita Dixon
Grand Champion Interbreed Bull: Jordan River Farm School
Best Group of Beef Cattle:Jordan River Farm School
Most Successful Beef Exhibitor: Jordan River School Farm

Beef Junior Handler:
13 – 14 years: Montana – (Mindy)
15-16 years:  Skye – (Mona)
17 – 21 years: Ahaya – (Mitzi)


Best Cavy in Show – AZIZA ARELLA – Chelsea Hepworth
Reserve Cavy in Show – LONSDALE SILVER TEMPTATION – P & E Dodge

Best Intermediate Cavy in Show – DUNVEGAN DAWSON – Sophie Anderson
Reserve Intermediate Cavy in Show – KERABEEMR MOLTA – Kay Godfrey

Best Junior Cavy in Show– AZIZA CHUBBA BOM BIDI BOM – Chelsea Hepworth
Reserve Junior Cavy in Show – SHURI LEMON SPECTRE – Drew Russell (Vic)

Best Baby Cavy in Show – SHURI SILVER SERPENT – Drew Russell (Vic)
Reserve Baby Cavy in Show – AZIZA ONLY ANGEL – Chelsea Hepworth

Best Condition Cavy in Show-  WARRAWEE ACHILLES – Nicole Quillam

Best Junior Exhibitor in Show– Bridie O’Shannessy

Best Marked Cavy in Show – KERABEE SPOTTED HOLLY – Mindy Roach (Vic)

Best Satin Cavy in Show– GREEN GABLES GLITTER – Sophie Anderson

Best Self Cavy in Show – AZIZA ARELLA – Chelsea Hepworth

Best Crested Cavy in Show – AZIZA CHUBBA IGGY – Chelsea Hepworth

Best Ticked Cavy in Show – LONSDALE SILVER TEMPTATION – P & E Dodge

Best Coarsecoat Cavy in Show – LUCUNYA AMAROO – Kay Godfrey

Best Longhair Cavy in Show– KERABEE BILLIE – Mindy Roach (Vic)


Dairy Goats

Best Exhibit: Highveld Emma Jane (S. Baldock)
Overall Best Udder: Highveld Emma Jane (S. Baldock)
Most Successful Exhibitor: J & S Green

Senior Champion Doe: Highveld Emma Jane (S. Baldock)
Reserve Champion Doe: Killara-ram Barromia (S & J Green)

Junior Champion Doe: Killara-ram Shazia (S & J Green)
Reserve Champion Junior Doe: Marel Chenile (M & E Lomman)

Champion Kid: Killara-ram Ramika (S & J Green)
Reserve Champion Kid: Highveld Shelley (S. Baldock)

Champion Buck: Highveld Clarkey (S. Baldock)
Reserve Champion Buck: Killara-ram Razam (S & J Green)

Owner Bred Doe: Highveld Emma Jane (S. Baldock)



Small Dog
1st – Gemma
2nd – Ruby
3rd – Milo

Large Dog
1st Tilly
2nd Dusty
3rd Liza



Champion Rose: Steve Oakes (Best Multi)
Multi: S. Oakes
Pink:   Sue Tomkinson Woodward
Red:    Sue Brezinscak
White  Natasha Woolley
Yellow:Marlene Burles

Open Floral Art:
Best Exhibit:

Novice Floral Art:
Best Exhibit – Floral Art:

Cut Flowers:
Best Exhibit: Gabrielle Lucas
Points – Natasha Woolley

Open Class
Overall Points: Megan Earl
Best Exhibit: Megan Earl

Novice Section
Overall Points: Natasha Woolley
Best Exhibit: Phoebe Waugh

Children’s Exhibits
Up to 8 years:
Overall Points: Williamj Porter (Jean Kibbey Memorial Award ($20)
Best exhibit: William Porter

9-12 Years
Overall Points: Claire Tyers (Jean Kibbey Memorial Award $30)
Best exhibit: Claire Tyers

13-16 Years
Overall Points: Claire Tyers (Jean Kibbey Memorial Award $50)
Best Exhibit:  Claire Tyers

Allan Buxton Memorial Trophy for overall points:  Natasha Woolley

Home Industries

Knitwear: Lyndel Churchill

Machine Knitting: Pauline Heather

Natural Fibre: S. Sherburd
Cotton: Mrs E. Britcliffe

Needlework: Mrs E. Britcliffe
Cross Stitch – Jenny Douglas
Quilts – Johanna Williamson

Dyeing and Felting – Maree Cowen


Cooking –  Helen Peters
Chocolate cake by a male – B. Bowden
Sultana Cake –        Peta Sales
Rich Fruit Cake –    Helen Peters
Boiled Fruit Cake –  Teresa Hallinan
Plum Pudding – Helen Peters

Iced Cakes:
Open – Cathy McComb
Novice- Kylie Price

Home Produce – Helen Peters
4 Articles (craft) from 1 Exhibitor – Pauline Heather
Basket of vegetables – Sue Woodward
Selection of herbs – S. Verne
Four Varieties of jam: –  E. McMullen
Preserved Vegetables or Fruit – S. L. Smith
Handcraft – Equal: J. Hanna and M. Cowen
Photography – D Machen
Cookery – 4 Articles from one Exhibitor – Helen Peters

Weldon Memorial Trophy for overall points: –  Helen Peters
Best Overall Exhibit: Mike Dowd


Horse Competitions

Champion Open Hack: Anne Hooker (Argente)
Reserve Champion Open Hack:Sarah Beltz (Just a Enigma)

Champion Open Galloway:Claire Reynolds (Evermore in Vogue)
Reserve Champion Open Galloway: Verity Reid (Debra Lee Ritz)

Champion Open Pony:
Reserve Champion Open Pony:

Champion Show Hunter Horse: Ann McMinn (Hamelot Park Royal Quest)
Reserve Champion Show Hunter Horse: Sabrina Jackson (Archie)

Champion Show Hunter Galloway: Lariss Plunkett (Van Dieman)
Reserve Champion Show Hunter Galloway: Molly Stephenson (Millawarra Eminence)

Champion Show Hunter Hack: Melissa Sweeney (Heartswood Titanium)
Reserve Champion Show Hunter Hack: Elizabeth Booth (Belcom Carello)

Champion Show Hunter Pony:
Reserve Champion Show Hunter Pony

Champion Working Hunter 50cm: Chloe Daun (PEC) Bailey)
Reserve Champion Working Hunter 50 cm: Brigitta Lowe (Starski)

Champion Working Hunter 65cm: Brigitta Lowe (Starski)
Reserve Champion Working Hunter 65cm: Chloe Daun (Little Lady)

Champion Working Hunter 80cm: Chloe Daun (Little Lady)
Reserve Champion Working Hunter 80cm: Ellie Lane (Delago Dust)

Champion Leading Rein:
Reserve Champion Leading Rein:

Champion Pony Club Hack: Georgia McGrath (Maxfield Martini)
Reserve Champion Pony Club Hack: Georga Sly (Fullbrook Impression)

Champion Pony Club Galloway: Chloe Daun (PEC Little Lady)
Reserve Champion Pony Club Galloway: Karen Gane (Killala Indigo Girl)

Champion Pony Club Pony: Eva Sommerville (Benny)
Reserve Champion Pony Club Pony: Chloe Daun (PEC) Bailey)

Champion Senior Rider:
Reserve Champion Senior Rider:

Champion Pony Club Rider:
Reserve Champion Pony Club Rider:

Champion Junior Rider:
Reserve Champion Junior Rider:

Champion Led Draught HorseLindsay Cordwell (Jess)
Reserve Champion Led Draught Horse: Bill Morley (Krystal)



Class 200: Huon News One Round Stakes
1st K. Walch – Terranova Belle
2nd K. Sly – Knights Raid
4th O. Smith – Moonlight Jewel

Class 201: Encouragement Jump Table C – 90cm
1st K. Sly – Knights Raid
2nd S. Miller – Rosebank Randal
3rd E. Irvine – Rosebank Stella
4th M. Elliott –

Class 202: – Huon Show Improver Championship
1st E. Irvine – Rosebank Stella
2nd L. Cornelius – PEC Sir Romeo
3rd M. Elliott – Fallback Black Magic
4th D. Svamvur   Armani

Class 203      Roberts One Round Stakes (EA Registered Horses only)
1st E. Irvine – Rosebank Stella
2nd S. Miller – Rosebank Randal
3rd D. Svamvur
4th H. Jacobson – TG Dreams Royal

Class 204      Huon Show Open Championship (EA Registered Horses only
1st H. Jacobson –
2nd G. Brennan – Tara Dreams Royall
3rd A. Williams – Walkin ‘n Talkin
4th S. Miller – Rosebank Randal

Class 205      Hit & Hurry
1st S. Shelverton – A Sassy Little Number
2nd L. Schruecker-Rush
3rd K. Porter – Hazardous
4th K. Heiermann – Just Chief

Class 206   Silver Hill Jump
1st O. Smith – Moonlight Jewel
2nd K. Porter – Hazardous
3rd S. Shelverton – A Sassy Little Number
4th C. Van Munster – PEC Popping Candy

Class 207      Natural Juices Jump
1st  AWilliams – The Full Ranga
2nd L Scheucher-Rush – Rose
3rd E Hart – Twilight Valley Jet
4th A Williams – Walkin N Talkin



Champion  Bird in Show – OEG Bantam Ginger pullet (Luke Rosendale)
Reserve Champion Bird in Show–Rhode Island Red bantam cockerel (Tony Sherriff)

Champion Junior Poultry Exhibitor – Ella Burton with a silkie hen
Champion Novice – Ella Burton

Champion Waterfowl – Pekin Drake (Andrew Kline)


Schools Section

AC Newbon Memorial Prize – Grace Verne – Home School
Jean Munro Memorial Trophy (Aggregate points in Cooking) Claire Tyers – Calvin School
CWA D’Entrecasteaux Group Handcraft Trophy  – Lucy Verne – Home School
Lucaston CWA Prize (Woodwork) – Jonathon Griggs – Home School
Ranelagh CWA Branch Price for most outstanding cooking item:–  Equal: Claire Tyers – Calvin & Jinjuu Redding – St. James
Huonville CWA Market Stall Prize for most outstanding Artwork –Ayla McIntyre – St James


Commercial Lambs

Pen of 3 Heavyweight lambs
1st       FJ & DM Isles
2nd     GR Grice

Pen of 3 Lightweight lambs
1st:       FJ & DM Isles
2nd:     FJ & DM Isles

Champion Pen of Fat Lambs:       FJ & DM Isles
Reserve Champion Pen of Fat Lambs:    GR Grice

Stud Sheep

Interbreed Ram under 1 ½ years:
1st:       Jordan River School Farm
2nd       Jordan River School Farm

Interbreed Ewe over 1 1/2 years:
1st:       Jordan River School Farm

Interbreed Ewe under 1 ½ years:
1st        Jordan River School Farm
2nd       Jordan River School Farm

Pen 3 Interbreed Sheep
1st        Jordan River School Farm

Champion Interbreed Ram: Jordan River School Farm
Champion Interbreed Ewe: Jordan River School Farm




250mm Standing Handicap
Gerald Oakley
Garry Lovell
Mitch Direen

300mm Standing Handicap
Sam Cook
Mitch Direen
Aaron Bowden

300mm ” John Phillips Mem” U H Handicap
Black Lovell
Garry Lovell
Thomas Woolley

250mm Golden Years Handicap
Gerald Oakley
Garry Lovell
John Youd

250mm Nov Std Stephen Page Memorial Handicap
Blake Lovell
Brock Cordwell
Nathan Woolley

250mm Under 18 U H Handicap
Blake Lovell
Will Lovell
Brock Cordwell

250mm Junior Novice U Hand Handicap
Jack Juvakka
Lawson Lovell

450mm Double Handed Sawing Handicap
Geoff Lovell & Will Lovell
Jamie Bantick & Andrew Woolley
Paul Downham & Peter Watson

375mm Jack & Jill Sawing Handicap
Stuart Read & Sharon Patterson
Andrew Woolley & Nevanka Woolley
Damian Woolley & Sheila Rumley

375mm Jill & Jill Sawing Handicap
Sheila Rumley & Meg Dare
Nevanka Woolley & Heather Warren
Veronica Youd & Sharon Patterson

375mm Single Handed Sawing Handicap
Sam Cook
Andrew Woolley
Paul Downham

300 Treefelling Handicap
Nicholas Direen
Sam Cook
Mitch Direen
Will Lovell

300mm Hardhitting Std STATE Championship
Kody Steers
Stephen Foster
Geoff Lovell
Andrew Kelly
Garry Lovell
Josh Bakes