The Committee

The Huon Agricultural Society is made up of the following members:

President – Lisa Plohl
Vice President –
Secretary – Simone Salter
Treasurer – Janet McGlynn

Alpacas –
Animal Nursery – Kingborough Huon Rural Youth
Arena – D. Frankcomb
Bar – Huonville Lions Football Club
Beef Cattle – A. Lucas & P. McKibben
Cavies –
Dairy Cattle – D. Baldwin & K. Baldwin
Dairy Goats – J. Green
Digital Media – S. Salter
Dog High Jump – Kingborough Huon Rural Youth
Fat Cattle – T. Port
Gates – B. Larratt
Groundspace – D. Hayers
Homecrafts – J. Symons, P. Sales & D. Sales
Horses – L. Plohl
Kennel – Huon & Channel Kennel Club
Parking – B. Larratt
Poultry – L. Rosendale
Sheep / Lambs – N. Clark-Port
Ute Competition – Kingborough Huon Rural Youth
Waste Management – T. Phillips
Woodchopping – L. Lovell

Patron: Bruce Page & Marion Woodward
Life Members: G. Baldwin, TM Bennett, B Larratt, J Marshall, Q.S Oates, B Pettit, B Page, J Symons, B Talbot & M Woodward

If you are interested in joining the committee please contact us via email.