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Food Options

There are multiple food options as part of the Huon Show offered around the whole site. We have your typical ‘Show Food’, various food vans and we have our very own Luncheon Hall.

The Luncheon Hall is operated in conjunction with the Girl Guides who offer a relaxing and reasonably priced option for lunch or a snack.

You are welcome to eat in or get a takeaway pack and make the most of the Show.

Dine In Options:
Morning or Afternoon Tea                                                                                    $7.00

Full Lunch (2 meats and a salad plate, dessert and tea or coffee)        $15.00
Light lunch (plate of sandwiches, dessert and tea or coffee)                 $10.00
Childs Meal                                                                                                                $7.00
Takeaway Options:
Mixed Sandwiches                                                                             $6.00
Salad Rolls (plain salad, ham salad or chicken salad)         $6.00
Salad Bowl                                                                                           $6.00
Cake packs                                                                                           $5.00
Scone pack                                                                                           $5.00
Tea or Coffee with a biscuit                                                            $2.00