Huon Agricultural Society’s Annual General Meeting.

During the Huon Agricultural Society’s Annual General Meeting, held in the Munro Room at the Ranelagh Showgrounds on Tuesday evening, 6th June 2017, HAS President, Mark Jessop, expressed the Society’s thanks to committee members Messrs Bain Talbot and Rex Voss, who did not seek re-election to the committee after their current two-year term of office.

Thanks was also expressed to the HAS’s Secretary, Mrs Marion Woodward, who was first elected to the position forty years ago in 1977, and has held that position continuously for that time.
Committee members are elected for two-years and those who accepted renomination were Stephen Bartels, John Marshall, Tony Port, Simone Salter, Len Flakemore and David Frankcomb.

“2016 was a noteworthy year for the Society,” Mr Jessop said in his Annual Report.

“Very few organisations, volunteer or commercial, get to celebrate 70 years of service to their community – but, last year, we were able to celebrate this event twice.

“Our 70th afternoon tea was a great way to thank our community and, for many people, it was chance to return to the Huon Valley to meet up and share some memories. Robert Armstrong MLC made a few remarks to note the passing of this milestone and recalled his relationship with the Huon Show whilst Mayor of the Huon Valley Council,” Mr Jessop said. “Lisa Pohl and Simone Hayers did a great job organising the event – the invitation, the venue, food, entertainment, and the list goes on. The wall of photographs was a great place to reminisce and catch up with old friends.

“Nine past Presidents of the Society were able to attend, and the oldest surviving President, Mr Geoff Chapman, sent his best wishes as he was unable to attend. Mrs Claire Palmer, who represented her late husband, George, attended and brought with her a great folder of press clippings from when her husband presided over the 30th Huon Show in 1976.

“Our 70th Huon Show theme continued on Show Day and, again, the wall of photographs was of great interest, and was kindly managed by Chas Rich from the Geeveston Historical Society.

“Special guest on Show Day, Premier Will Hodgman, later moved a motion in the State Parliament to congratulate the Society on the 70th Huon Show.

“We had an extraordinarily wet year in 2016 and were lucky to have a relatively fine day for the Show, but threats of inclement weather did not impact our attendance.

“The Huon Valley Council and HAS continue to work hard to improve the Recreation Ground and ensure it is an asset for the community all year round. We continue to work behind the scenes to ensure the ground is considered when Council allocates resources, but the Society needs to take a proactive approach to seeking out grants and other support,” Mr Jessop said.

“The third Small Farms Expo was again run with similar good results.

“Completing the many jobs we have to do between shows and in the lead-up to the show calls on all of our volunteers.”

The HAS’ Treasurer, Mr Bruce Page, said in his report, “Gate takings at the 2016 Huon Show were similar to last year. Ground space sales have continued to improve. Once again, we have financially supported local community organisations that help run our Show.”
The HAS’ 2017 Huon Show will be held at the Ranelagh Showgrounds on Saturday, 18 November.

The Huon Agricultural Society will always welcome assistance from volunteers to help in the weeks leading up to the Huon Show, especially Show Week itself.
Help is also needed for a couple of hours at the end of the Show to assist with packing materials, etc., away.

If you would like to assist, you can email Mrs Woodward at woodward@primus.com.au; telephone 0448 479 224.

Other contacts for personnel involved with the Huon Show are
President: Mark Jessop, 0412 430 982; mail@mossvalealpacas.com.au.
Treasurer: Bruce Page, 0439 439 798, bpage4@bigpond.com.
Ground Space: John Marshall, 0417 032 209, ranelagh34@gmail.com.
Homecrafts: Mrs. Janet Symons, 0407 664 281, williamsymons7@bigpond.com.
School Pavilion: Mrs. Jill Hayes, 62664203.
Flowers: Mrs. Phyllis Buxton, 0418 641 719.
Equestrian: Mrs. Lisa Plohl, 0438 663 192, lisaplohl@gmail.com.
Dog High Jump: dale.hayers@gmail.com.
Ute Muster: nippa_4_eva@hotmail.com.